Friday, April 10, 2020

Interview with Comfort Club

Comfort Club is a dream pop project from Southern California that consistently puts out extremely catchy music. Colin Tracey, the creative force behind Comfort Club, just released his latest EP "If You're Alright" today!!! Colin has been building plenty of hype lately, he's the smoothest guitar player I know, and he's been a part of the Remove crew since the beginning. We are so stoked to share this interview, Enjoy!


Tell us something about yourself and your project.
My name is Colin and I release music under the name Comfort Club. I started making music a couple years ago now but I really didn’t get any attention on it until this year. I put out an EP in 2018 that got a couple of my friends listening but after I put out a song called “New Ways to Miss You,” I got on a couple Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds and Discover Weekly and started getting my music heard by people other than my close friends which has been really cool and actually inspired me to keep making music.

What are some of your influences?
I’m really inspired by the indie pop scene right now so artists like Role Model, Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Omar Apollo. I feel like the indie pop artists these days are making songs that have pop sensibilities but the lyrical ideas are more authentic to how people are actually feeling. I also like that they use pretty minimal setups because that always felt like a much more attainable approach to making music. I haven’t spent a dollar in producing music so I feel like I’m not limited by my budget.

What are your favorite venues?
So I live in a really suburban area in Southern California but LA is within driving distance so I’ve gotten to go to some cool smaller venues like The Echo, The Hotel Cafe, and The Moroccan Lounge. They’re cool and really intimate. And then I love The Che Cafe in San Diego. It’s on campus at UCSD and it’s the coolest hole in the wall.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in music?
Spend more time being a fan of music art than being a creator. I wasn’t really able to start making music I liked until I started putting a bunch of love and interest into other people’s art. Immerse yourself in it if you can.

What messages or themes are you trying to convey through your music?
I think I’m really just trying to write about how I’m feeling. I know it’s pretty mainstream to write about love and feelings and stuff but everyone’s perspective is different so I’m just trying to be really intentional with my lyricism. I try to describe my cliche feelings without using any cliches. Like I don’t ever want to rhyme “eyes” and “skies.” (I hope I haven’t ever done that and forgot about it lol).

What are you working on next?
I put my most recent EP “if you’re alright” out April 10th. I’m really excited about it because in some ways it’s like a mixtape in the sense that the genre is sort of hard to pinpoint. I tried to make the through-line of the project be lyrical instead of sonic. Now that it’s out, my goal is to try to work on a live set and try to start getting shows in LA.

How do you feel about the future of music/art? 
I’m really optimistic. I feel like there are more people making art than ever and more people paying attention. I think there’s a big need for it in the world so the more people making art, the better!